Walon Vau is a Mandalorian soldier who was recruited by Jango Fett to join the Cuy'val Dar.


Walon Vau was a training sergeant in the Cuy'val Dar who had trained Clone Commandos about battle tactics, strategies, and skills. He was assigned to teach Delta Squad, whom he had taught with an iron fist. Vau, unlike Kal Skirata whom he has a rivalry with, is now known for his soft side. Delta Squad members, besides Boss, would recount their stories of Vau drilling battle information in their head and constantly yelling at them for making the smallest mistakes in training.

Vau is also notable for giving RC-1262 the nickname of Scorch; both of RC-1262's eyebrows had been scorched during a training session one time. Because of Vau's iron fist method, Sev had become one of the best commando snipers. Sev had always thought that if he did not succeed in sniping, Vau would do scold or yell at him, which Sev didn't like at all, and decided to hone his sniping skills to avoid Vau.