Super Battle Droid

Super Battle Droid

Super Battle droids
 is the next step up the B Series Battle Droid, it was made after the Battle of Naboo due to the massive failure B-1 Battle Droids. These Droids are a much tougher opponent than it's predecessor its able to survive a whole squad firing on it at once, and dish the fire right back at them and if it has backup from other Droids it becomes a almost unstoppable force. 


This droid is seen as the toughest droid in Republic Commando, its able to down the whole Commando squad with almost no effort but but it isn't without its weaknesses. This droid has a very large posture its able to be spotted in a group of droids with just a glance and a sniper can end this droid's life because of this. It also is not very resiliant against explosives, which make Thermal Detonators and the Anti Armor rifle your best friends against these brutes. Also the old fashioned surround and focus fire works just fine, they'll be unable to target all of you at once and it will be overwhelmed by the oncoming fire. Keep in mind, that if you tear the armor off the Droid's chest, that it takes more damage from fire in that area from then on.


  • Despite having higher pitched voices in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Super Battle Droids tend to have a much lower pitched voice in Republic Commando.
  • The Super Battle Droid in Republic Commando is actually a B2-HA Super Battle Droid.
  • The sounds for the SBDs in-game were later recycled and re-used in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith video game as the sounds for Grievous' Magna Guards.


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