DC-15S Blaster Pistol
Weapon Specifications
Max Ammo10 rounds
  • recharges 5 bullets every second
Max Range10-15 m

The DC-15S Blaster Pistol was a gun with unlimited shots. Use only in emergencies. The DC-15s side arm blaster was a heavy blaster pistol created by BlasTech Industries for the Grand Army of the Republic. DC-15s pistols were used by clone commandos as a backup in addition to the heavier DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System. The energy cell kept the blaster recharging at a slow but steady rate.


BlasTech's DC-15s side arm was a heavy blaster pistol that fired charged plasma bolts. While not as powerful as regular DC-15 blasters, the DC-15s was handy in close-quarters combat, or when conserving ammo was necessary. The DC-15s had a recharge rate of seven rounds per second and was capable of eight consecutive shots with energy fully recharged, after eight shots, the user had to wait for recharge of energy for at least one shot to fire again.