Arligan Zey was a senior Jedi General during the Clone Wars.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Zey's early years other than that he took Bardan Jusik as a Padawan learner.

In the Clone WarsEdit

Zey was tasked mainly to watch and keep track over Republic Commando squads, mainly Delta Squad and Omega Squad. He was seen more with Delta Squad, but still kept a close watch on Omega Squad because Kal Skirata was suspected of treason.

Order 66 and BeyondEdit

Much is unclear about what happened during the events of Order 66. However, from Ordo Skirata's point of view, Zey was killed by Maze, who was his diligent clone companion; to prove this, Ordo claims he heard the blaster discharge.

Nothing else from Maze is heard from for a while, until he contacts Kal Skirata if he can join the refuge at Kyrimorut. Skirata agrees and sends Jusik, Ruu, and Ny to pick Maze up. To their surprise, Maze has something else; Zey is with him.

Kal Skirata has mixed feelings about Zey when the latter arrives at the bastion, as he never felt sympathy for sending clones to battle and the two never got along in the first place. Despite being angry, he allows him to stay. Later on, Zey goes with Kina Ha to Djinn Altis' small group for refugee Jedi, along with his own Jedi Order.