Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun
ACP Array Shotgun
Weapon Specifications
Max Ammo8 Cartridges

The Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun, commonly known as the ACP Array/Scatter Gun, was a short-range shotgun manufactured by Arakyd Industries.


The ACP gun was more suited for close quarters combat where extreme blast force was needed. Like all ACP weapons, the Array Gun was more effective against organic targets than droids. The gun could hold up to eight cartridges at a time in its magazine, though more cartridges could be carried by the user, and required manual cocking to move the next round into the chamber.

The Array Gun was just as powerful as the ACP Repeater as each particle in the ACP cartridge was the equivalent to one round from the ACP Repeater, although the latter gun had a higher rate of fire. According to Atin, member of Omega Squad, this weapon dealt better with shields than BlasTech E-Webs.